New Administrator


February 24, 2014

10483937_1410607822561902_390256391342918140_nUplift Church Welcomes New Church Administrator. Laurel, MD- Uplift Church announced today that Lavenia Lemmie was appointed as church’s administrator.  Lavenia is no stranger to Administrative work, having obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration she has spent over 10 plus years in a multitude of administrative and managerial roles.  The years of professional organization and attention to detail will greatly help as she attempts to balance the schedule of our extremely busy Pastor.  Her unique outlook on life has given her the ability to fuse joy into everything she does.  She brings a dynamic and energetic spirit to the role of church admin and will have an enjoyable time keeping Pastor on track!

Outside of her professional career, Lavenia is a mother of 5 with number 6 on the way!  She and her husband enjoy the little nuances and blessings God has brought into their life.  Their life is firmly planted in the church as most of the family is staff here at Uplift Church.  She enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as creating culinary delights for all.  Lavenia obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts many years ago with the sole purpose of learning more about her love of cooking.