Police and Community Relations


On last Sunday I shared with our church family that I’d written an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun / Laurel Leader regarding the Ferguson,MO Grand Jury announcement. This past week protest have started in response to the Grand Jury announcement in New York. Around the country questions have been raised regarding police brutality and excessive force. While I understand that tensions are high I think it’s important that we seek solutions to a problem. A a pastor of a multi-racial / multi-ethnic congregation I am interested in solutions that show value for all human life black,  white etc.

I want the Uplift church family to know that I’m currently working to provide an opportunity for the community to express concerns with our local police department and city officials and to hear from the police department what actions they are taking to lower the chances of police brutality. I have been in contact with the mayors office in an effort to foster community dialogue. In the coming days, I hope to have more information to share with you.

Let’s pray for the families of those who’ve lost their lives and let’s also pray for those who proudly serve on our police forces.

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