Single on Valentine’s Day?


Are you ready for February 14th? If that date simply reminds you that you are single and you want to avoid all the people posting on social media about their love, this post is for you. If this is the day that you simply want watch a movie totally void of love, this post is for you. Here are five things that you can do to make February 14th an enjoyable day for you.

1. Love Who God Created You To Be
Valentine’s Day is about love so why not use this as an opportunity to reflect on the gifts that and passions that God has placed in you? Finding your Mr. or Ms. Right is great but if you view yourself as Mr. or Mrs. Wrong you’ll continue to miss the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Take some time to write down what you value about yourself and thank God for creating you in His image and likeness.

2. Enjoy the Day by Having Fun
Have you ever found yourself going to an event or party simply because you were invited even though you didn’t like the event? There are times in relationships that you have to endure what someone else enjoys, well on this day you can do what you enjoy. You know that movie that you wanted to go see, well go. You’ve been thinking about going to buy some new shoes, well go. You’ve wanted to check out that new coffee shop, well go. Do not allow yourself to sit around and be bored because you think this day isn’t for you. This is the day that the Lord has made, therefore you have a reason to rejoice and be glad. Who knows, you may end up enjoying the day with others, but you’ll have to get up and do something.

3. Remember You’re Not Alone
On Valentine’s Day Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and news outlets do a great job making it look like everyone BUT you is in a relationship, that’s simply not true. Not everyone is in a relationship and some people in relationships are dreading Valentine’s Day because they do not have funds to do something special. Remember you’re not alone there are countless others you are single on Valentine’s Day, go meet them.

4. Leave the Past in the Past
Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of what use to be. Don’t continue to mentally replay the movie of a past relationship. Trust that God has a plan for your life, leave the past in the past and look forward to the future. The fact that you are single means that you are now available to Mr. or Ms. Right.

5. Do Something!
Maybe being single on Valentine’s Day is not what you hoped for (for some it is), but you can decided to be sad or happy. God gave all of us the freedom to decide. Decide to put yourself in position to meet the person that God has for you, chances are that’s not going to happen sitting on your couch watching a full season of Scandal. Get over your fear of meeting the wrong person; open yourself up to meeting someone. Make this your day where you decide to take control of your love life, DO SOMETHING.

Other Ideas:

  • Take your parents out for a nice dinner, or cook for your whole family. After all, even if you’re single, a family’s love is really special!
  • Send flowers or candy to a single friend of yours. Write on the card the Top 10 best things about having them as a friend. Even when you’re single, you still have your friends.
  • Go to a public place with a dozen roses. Pass them out to strangers who look stressed or sad, and tell them “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Who knows, you might even make a new friend.
  • Busy yourself with volunteer work. Make sure elderly people have a nice Valentine’s Day by participating in Meals on Wheels, or that homeless people feel loved while you work at a local soup kitchen.
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