Resources for Full Gospel Mid-Atlantic Region

The Information on this page is provided to pastors and churches affiliated with the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International, Mid-Atlantic Region. We believe that every church should grow; that is why the tools offered on this page are practical, insightful, and strategic.


Detailed Launch Proposal
This is more of a detailed break down of our mission and our target audience. Many churches want to reach everyone, but when it comes to planning it’s best to have a detailed target audience in mind.

Launch Plan Booklet
This was our launch plan, we used this to share the vision for Uplift Church to donors and possible launch team members.

Pre Launch Checklist
This checklist starts one year prior to the launch.

Fundraising Letters

General Fundraising Letter
This can been sent to friends and family as a general letter. It’s very important to do a follow-up phone call and ask for a specific amount. If you do not ask for what you need there’s a great chance that you will not get it. When making calls have a giving chart and plan to ask for an amount that you believe that person may be able to give ($50, $100, $1,000).



Worship Guide Inside

Worship Guide Outside
Used to provide guest with information about our church. This is not a worship agenda. We do not provide an agenda only the worship guide.

Connect Cards
This is critical, we ask guest to fill out this card and place it in the offering basket, this helps with follow up and provides more information that can be tracked with regard to our guests.

Visitor Follow up

Visitor Follow Up Email
Each Monday following service each visitor receives an email. They receive a thank you for visiting phone call between Wednesday and Thursday.

Visitor Follow Up Letter
On Wednesday letters are placed in the mail for our first time visitors

Salvation-Recommitment letter 2014
For persons who make a decision to commit to Christ we send a congrats letter.



Putting a Church Marketing Plan Together (PDF)


This was our direct mail piece. Direct mail is a great way to announce a new church but keep in mind it is not cheap but it’s very measurable and effective. Research suggest that direct mail has about a 1/2 of 1% return rate. So if you do a 40,000 piece mailer look for 150-200 to respond. We used MailWorks II for our direct mail campaign.


Brochure Outside
Brochure Inside
This is what we give when doing door to door outreach. For all of our flyers, brochures, connect cards etc we use www.zooprinting.com

Banners and Signs

Outside Flag Banners
Proper signage is essential, below are links to some great printers for your banners and signs.
For your outside display flag banners are very helpful, take a look at (Flag-banner.com)

Vinyl Banners
For inside displays Vinyl banners work great, take a look at (24hourwristbands.com) their pricing for full color high quality vinyl banners are great.

Social Media

Facebook Ads Guide
This will walk you through the steps to create Facebook ads. Do not be afraid of Facebook ads, they are not expensive and very effective.

Effective Church Marketing
This is a PDF of the slides used during the Mid-Atlantic Regional Summit 2015.



The links below are helpful church resources available online.

Church Management Software ChMS

Church Community Builder


Fellowship One

Church Teams


The Rocket Company
Red Leaders
Relate Coaching

Volunteer Management and Service Planning

Planning Center
If you have questions email: pastor@upliftmd.com

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